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Radio IBS Leeds

Radio IBS Leeds and IBS Television Leeds are non-commercial media projects and part of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Leeds, which has been founded in 1986. The founder is journalist Andreas Klamm which has founded IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Leeds in Leeds, England, West Yorkshire. He has been supported through friends in the city of Leeds, in England, United Kingdom.

Radio IBS Leeds and IBS Television Leeds provides radio and television programmes in the English and German language worldwirde on local radio and tv station and on the internet on many different channels.

Andreas Klamm is born on February 6, 1968 in the German city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein. He grandfather from the mother-side was an Officer of the First French Army and stationed after World War II in 1945 in the German city of Kaiserslautern. His grandfather from the father-side was a soldier in the German Wehrmacht (military) and was at the same time a prisoner of war (POW) in Russia and in America.

Because of this personal international background the journalist got in an early age already involved in projects for international understanding. In 1984 he started in the age of 16 years to work as a journalist for the local newspaper "Speyerer Tagespost" until 2002. Also in 1984 he became a presenter in Germany called "moderator" for radio and television shows. In the same year, 1984 he has founded IFN International Family Network d734, 3mnewswire.org, a news wire service. In 1986 Andreas Klamm became the founder and editor of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Leeds, Radio IBS Leeds, IBS Television Leeds and British Newsflash Magazine est. 1986, which is international registered and published in the English and German language.


Without the help of close friends and supporters such as Kim Trujillo, Helena Scott, Kate Wolstenholme, Louise Sutton, Jemil Grogis and family, Grace MedCare Limited in London (from England), Kenneth Ross (from Scotland), Sophia Iliadis (from Greece), Linda Everitt, John and Joy Gibson, Deody (Romanito) Lantoria, Symore Tuttleman (from the United States of America), Mirta Harrod and Family (from Panama), Rainer Rozek, Michael Harling, Petra Weißbach, Alfred Sold, Wolfgang Bantz, Peter Schmidt, Anneliese Donner, Christiana Osterwald, Sonja Wiegand, Martina Opitz, Markus Bach, Michael Schmerl, Peter Neubauer, Hildegard und Emil Klamm and Christiane Wilms, Sabine Volk, Kornelia Eultgem, Christof Hähnel, Irene Bazlen, Mirko und Paola, Martina Leisring, Don Casper, Thomas Müller, Hans-Jürgen Graf, Petra Karl, Dirk Grund, Thomas Manck, Irene W. (from Germany), Martha, Jospeh and John Kolacz (from Australia), Haedi Sabaot (from Tunesia / France) and many other people many things would have not been possible.

Very Special Thanks to all friends and supporters !

Andreas Klamm, Journalist

Director and Editor of

IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Leeds

Radio IBS Leeds

IBS Television Leeds

Radio IBS London

IBS Television London

British Newsflash Magazine est. 1986

IFN International Family Network d734


It could be best described as Talk Radio, where host, presenters, journalist and also the listeners are talking about different issue in this world.

Two important aims of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Leeds are to support international understanding and the support of disabled journalists and media producers.